You do NOT mess with the Zohan is an epic 2008 film which details the terrorism that Isreal, are greatest ally, deals with every day. Despite the somber subject material the fillmmakers treat it with respect and the result is an uproarious, laugh out loud, fun popcorn movie in which the comedy literally does NOT stop. Some of the funny things about it includes when Zohan dances.
Adam Sandler-Zohan-1-

Do NOT mess with him. He is NOT bionic he likes girls

Plot Edit

As a member of the Mossad, Zohan is maybe the greatest warrior on Earth outside of Kimbo Slice. So he decides he needs a new challenge and comes to America to stop terrorism here. He goes undercover as a hairdresser and tries to root out members of Al Quaeda, are greatest rival. On the way he has a lot of wacky adventures, meets a girl and even enjoys some food. Put some hummus on that Zohan! 

Quotes Edit

"Was that your feet?"

Reception Edit

Critics have deemed it one of the top dessert island movies of all time. Its also an actual GOOD movie about Jews I mean who would want to watch Shindlers list on an island when you could watch American Pie 2: Stifflers list. This is NOT a freakin film school list its an ACTUAL list for ACTUAL people.

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