The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is a large ape like monster said to inhabit the Himalayas. Some in the scientific community call it a legend, however many Independent scientists look at BOTH sides.

If its a legend then how is there a yeti scalp. Explain away, liberal scientists

History Edit

The Yeti has been seen many times, sometimes you see it and sometimes you just see its footprints. One time they found a scalp, possibly the result of Maguas ancestors before they came to America. Thats right, they came from Asia across the Bearing STRAIGHT so do NOT pretend there Native Americans. And do NOT make me feel guilty they were wiped out, so what are we supposed to apologize and give them all the land back? You liberals really crack me up.

Possible Explanations Edit

Some people say it could be a monkey or a bear. LOL. Yeah, maybe its the monkey that gave birth to all of us according to people who believe in evilution. Libs are so naive. .

In popular culture Edit

Umaro in Final Fantasy VI is a yeti, and our mountainous ally.

In Mummy 4: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor there are ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN?!?!?!? who are our mountainous allys.

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