The X-Men are a team of mutant supervillains. Led by Professor X, who clings to his Origin of Species, the X-Men attempt to make everyone accept multicultralism and bow down (good song) to the PC police. The leader of the X-Men is Wolverine.

In other mediaEdit


The X-Men had an animated series in the early 90s. It mostly consisted of Wolverine saying "Ill go where I wanna go!" everytime Cyclops told him not to go somewhere. Also on a very speical crossover they went on Maury and Wolverine said "I do what I want".


The X-Trilogy as it might be called by some people was one of the most financially successful of all movie trilogies, just like every other comic book trilogy.


Wolverine learns who the X-Men are and decides to join them on a mission to visit the Statute of Liberty.

X-2: X-Men United StatesEdit

Wolverine learns that he volunteered to become Jason Born.

X-3: The Last StandEdit

Obama attemps to make us all take the swine flu vaccine.

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