World War II was an epic war which took place between 1941-1945. The United States battled Socialist Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia. They liberated France, saved Britain, and created a homeland for Jews, are greatest ally.
509px-Atomic cloud over Hiroshima-1-

World War 2 Judgment Day. Followed by World War 3 Rise of the Obama

Causes Edit

The war was caused by Hitlers rise to power, which has disturbing parallels to Obama. Hitler was a national socialist who tried to spread socialism, so he did healthcare reform, silenced descenters and did other typical liberal tactics. All Europe appeased him because there the Nanny state. Hitler kept invading countries and made an Axis of Evil with Italy and Japan. He signed a non aggression pact with his fellow socilists Russia, and they prepared to take over the entire globe. Then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor for no raisin, and America stepped in.
180px-Soviet flag on the Reichstag roof Khaldei-1-

Hitlers socialists burning the Reichstag. Disturbing parallels to Obama

The War Edit

It started on December 8, 1941. Pearl Harbor was destroyed by a fleet of Japanese kamakazes who used ninja secrecy to avoid being seen by are sonar. America declared war NOT only on Japan but also on the socialist Germans, Japans greatest ally. Then we launched the D-day attack on the shores of Tripoli. We sent are army to Europe while fighting the Japanese with are navy under Admiral McArthur and his mighty sword Excalibur. Eventually we were able to push Germany out of France from the West which had surrendered almost immediately. We pushed them back from the East as well, becoming the only nation to ever beat someone on both fronts. Eventually Hitler was forced to commit suicide to avoid being shot by us. Dont wanna get shot? DONT BREAK INTO PEOPLES COUNTRIES its pretty simple. Then we dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan from the Enola NOT Gay. Harry TrueMAN said "Can you handle me?" and the Emperor of Japan said no and surrendered then was forced to commit sudoku. This footage was recorded and released in the 1987 documentary "The Last Emperor."
Soviet soldiers moving at Stalingrad2-1-

Americans taking Stalingrad back from the socialists

Lasting effects Edit

The war had no lasting effects.

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