Wolverine (born 12 October 1968) is an Austrian actor best known for his roll in The Fountain. He first appeared in the Incredibles #180.

180px-Gulo gulo 2-1-

"Hey Cyclops you wanna get out my way"

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Cut to the chase Bub

"This is the definitely the definitive Wolverine game out on the market. This one puts X Men 3's video game to shame and pretty much any other X men game ever. Why you ask? Well it's because we the gamers finally see Wolverine's full Berserker rage and the awesome damage that Wolverine can actually do. Be warned this game is definitely not for the kids. Wolverine's attacks are vicious, unpredictable and brutally violent, so much so I loved it. The violence is bloody and quite gruesome. Wolverine has many moves that include the dismemberment of any enemy stupid enough to get in his way and trust that happens a lot. From cutting arms off, decapitations, impaling on spikes and even vivisection with plenty of claret (blood) almost spraying on the screen, Wolverine is a guilty pleasure as you do love killing anything that decides to shoot at you, come at you with machetes and inhuman monsters out to snuff you out. The wounds on Wolverine every time he is hit are graphic and jaw dropping as you can actually see inside his body for a limited time and see all his guts and bones underneath his shredded flesh and chargrilled entrails. No other game has done this ever and no-one else has had the balls to make a superhero game that as violent as Xmen Origins Wolverine. There were quite a few times when my jaw dropped to the floor after seeing Wolverine pull off certain moves like taking a pilot of a gunship and shoving his head into the blades spraying blood everywhere. This game will easily keep you happy after you have had a stressful day at work and you want to let off a lot of steam. If you love Marvel and you want a great game with plenty of gore then Wolverine is one you shouldn't miss. be warned though sometime it can get quite frustrating."[1]

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