is a country that is in England. It was home to the Celtics before they immigrated to Boston. Today its inhabitants are known as Welsh and there the most discriminated against race but you dont see THEM playing the race card.

Example of early Welsh architecture

History Edit

Wales has been inhabited since God created Earth 5000 years ago. By the time the Romans invaded Britain there were like 5 different tribes that lived there. Then the Romans took a census, which has disturbing parallels to Obama. The Vikings and Germans also showed up. There was a lot of race mixing and the Welsh got the best qualities from all of them.

Healthcare Edit

There healthcare is socialized which has disturing parallels to both Hitlers Nazi Germany and Obamas Nazi America.

Demographics Edit

96% of the population is White British, which is a minority. Basically Whites are the minority now.

Cuisine Edit


Symbols Edit

There symbol is the Red Dragon starring Edward Norbit.

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