Vincent Walker Foster, Jr. (January 15, 1945 - July 20, 1993) was depute White House cousel in Bill Clintons first term before he died under mysterious circumstances. Although he had supposedly committed suicide, the single bullet theory just didnt hold water, and he left no suicide note or will. Feral cats were eating his body in a garbage dump and it was clear the death had been covered up. To this day, his murderer has gone unpunished, because it is unclear who pulled the trigger: Bill or Hillary. Also they both have diplomatic immunity.


Fosters death was clearly a case of truth being stranger than fiction. His body showed signs of attempted drowning. Monaing and gasping for breath, water probably seeped into his lungs before he was able to untie himself from the anchor. Many minutes later he reached the surface close to death. Today Vince Foster is remembered by the nickname Rasputin.

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