Vin Diesel will NOT write a strongly worded letter like the UN. Let it be known that he is a MAN

Vin Diesel (born July 18, 1967) is an American actor, so to speak. He is the star of several high octane action packed Hollywood thrillers, including The Pacifier and The Iron Giant. He will play Hannibal Lecter in the upcoming Silence of the Lambs installment.

Early life Edit

Diesel was born in New York City. As a kid he realized that he should lift a lot of weights and also shave his head. As an Italian/Black he couldve been a typical one of those but instead stayed on the STRAIGHT and narrow instead of doing meth and all that. He started acting because he was really good at it. He was later a bouncer because besides his natural acting talent he was also really good at telling people they have to leave.

Career Edit

Diesel's first role was in Awakenings, starring Al Pacino as an idiot savant who can be cured for just one night. It was an adaptation of Flowers for Al'gernon. Later Diesel starred in Saving Private Ryan, an epic movie which shows that libtards need to be turned into a glass parking lot with a hydrogen bomb because war is hell. Im not just pro war Im pro pain and I say lets make them suffer to. I am a MAN. Diesel then starred in such movies as Pitch Black, which is about what the planet will be like when Obamas term is done. Also I like how if I had a movie called Pitch White I would be considered a racist. Double standerds. He then starred in The Fast and the Furious. Critics were awed by Diesel and Paul Walker playing off of each other, each one upping the next with raw thesbian (they are NOT gay) ability. The scene in which Walker (O'Connor) tells Diesel (Toretto) that he wants to be a part of his operation is considered "the greatest display of acting ever put on film" [citation needed]. After this epic movie, Diesel became the most sought after man in the business, and was able to follow it up with such box office smashes as Find Me Guilty where he pleaded to be found guilty and Babylon A.D. (NOT Babylon C.E.) which teaches us about Jesus

Personal life Edit

He is NOT bi or gay. He has one daughter. You know who else has a daughter? Me. And if you try to do anything to her my blood will literally boil and I will make sure they never even have the chance to put you in the gas chamber because I will kill you myself. I will cover you in fuel and set you on fire and I will NOT pi@@ to put it out. I am NOT gay but anal is NOT out of the question either, I might just rape you. So stay away from my daughter.

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