Uwe Boll (born June 22, 1965) is a German film director considered the air apparent to James Glickenhouse. He usually directs movies based on video games.
200px-Uwe Boll Dungeon Siege-1-

Boll on the set of Dungeon Siege, which wasnt the worst movie in the world [citation needed]

Direction Edit

Some of his epic films include Bloodrain, In the Name of the King, Postal, Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, and soon Far Cry. You are impressed it is impossible not to be. He wanted to direct World of Warcraft but for some reason Blizzard said "how about no".

Financing Edit

Until the law was changed in 2005, Boll was able to get money from investors who would use it as a write off. They just write it off. These big German investors they write off everything.

You dont even know what a write off is

Do you?

No, I dont

But they do. And there the ones, writing it off.

Criticism Edit

As far as I know he hasnt recieved any. He makes fun popcorn movies NOT pretentious arthouse movies that have subtitles and are in black and white. People only like those movies because of film critics telling them to. Be honest who here actually wanted to watch the Grim reaper play chess with a guy when you can see Wishmaster make a guy have sex with his own self. This.

Personal life Edit

Boll has a wife but she has asked us not to be identified.

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