Twitter is a site on which you "twit" your thoughts and actions. Some of the most popular twitters include Sarah Palin, Ashton Kutcher and are very own Independa Jones.

How it worksEdit

How it works is Sarah Palin says something really smart, like how Dr. Laura will be even more dangeorus as a private citizen because people wont be able to talk bad about her which is an obstruction of freedom of speech, or something that makes equally as much sense as that, and we tweet back @Sarah Yeah you tell them! You are a breath of fresh air!

Obama controversy Edit

On November 17 2009 it was revealed that Obama does NOT even know what Twitter is. Wow what a moron! This guy HAS a twitter and doesnt even know what it is. So whos been twittering all those twitters then Obama? If I know my law correctly I believe this is a clear case of fraud, but of course he wont get charged with anything just like Clinton was able to get away with perjury. Double standards. I guess punishment for breaking the law doesnt matter if your a lib.

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