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Its not delivery its Tombstone

Tombstone is a brand of frozen pizza. It is available in several varieties, including pepperoni, sausage, pepperoni and sausage, 4 meat, and probably some vegeterian types but who cares about those except for vegan libs.

History Edit

It was founded in Wisconsin in the 70s by Joe "Pep" Peppetone and Ron Simek. They soon swept the nation and were bought by Kraft.

Slogan Edit

What do want on your tombstone? Pretty soon we wont even have a tombstone because Obama is letting these atheists take all the crosses away. Wow so I cant even have my grave marked with the crucifix. I guess freedom of grave only matter if your a lib.

Price Edit

Sometimes they get up to around $5.50. However if your lucky the grocery store is running a deal, and you can get cheaper. I know 2 for $9 is a common deal but I can do you one better. 4 for $10! A very slick deal which Ive been able to score a few times.

Movie Edit

In 1994 a movie version was released starring Val Kilmer.

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