Thomas Gerard Tancredo (born December 20, 1945) is a great man and a former Republican member of the House of Raperesentatives from Colorado. He ran for President in 2008 and almost won.


Early life Edit

Tancredo was born in Menver, Colorado to Italian immigrants. They encouraged him to be conservative and remember to always eat all his spaghetti because starving children in Mexico dont have any, and they will try to immigrate here to steal ARE spaghetti. He went to college at University of Northern Colorado (UNC) known for there high flying basketball team. Tancredo spoke out in favor of Vietnam but sadly was unable to serve in the War even though he really wanted to. But he accidentally said he had depression so they wouldnt let him and he had to stay home which just made him more depressed.

An ideas man Edit

Tancredo is the brains of any operation. One really good idea he had is to bomb Mecca if America is subjected to any more terrorist attacks. He is a supporter of passing an amendment to ban gay marriage, so that way judicial activists cant try to let gays get married which is against the Constution, and therefore NOT what the Founding Fathers intended. He says lets deport all illegal immigrants, because they are against the law. On September 18, 2008, Tancredo introduced H. R. 6975, the Jihad Prevent Act, which will make people say that they do NOT support Shinra law. It is a very useful bill. He called La Raza the KKK which they literally are. Also he keeps mentioning that we should bomb Mecca and Medina which is again, a REALLY good idea.

Political future Edit

Tancredo has discussed running for governor. Also in the relm of possiblity is President, or Senator. Presidents and Senators dont have people killed? Now whos being naive libtard. They do all the time and thats why we need to bomb Mecca Medina and Mexicco, the axis of Evil.

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