The story of a strong MAN

For other uses see Things Fall Apart (diasmbigoution)

Things Fall Apart is a 1958 novel by Nigerian author China Achebe. I like how he can call himself a Nigerian but when I say it I get arrested for a hate crime. Double standards. It is a novel that shows that colonialism and imperialism in Africa were GOOD THINGS. It is about Okonkwo, mighty warrior, and last of the Mohicans.

Plot Edit

Okonkwo, like the rest of his people, is a savage. They pray to a fake religion instead of Jesus, and there religion is, if you can believe this, even worse then Islam. Like if you have twins you have to abandon them in the jungle. Wow just wow, a liberal paradise. Then Christian missionaries come to town and teach Okonkwo and his people how to be normal and to leave there old ways and generally just give them a better life. Everybody lives happily ever after.

Reception Edit

It is considered one of the great novels of all time, and a living legend.

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