Theres Something about Mary is a 1998 Brett Farve vehicle also starring Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and Matt Dylan. Directed by the Cohen brothers, it was the highest groszing comedy in 1998.


Ben Stiller plays that same guy he always plays. Its been many years since high school but hes still in love with that girl who almost went on a date with him once. So he hires a private detective to find her. However, it turns out that Mary has that certain something that draws every guy in (a nice body) . So he has to fight over her with the private detective, a pizza guy, and Woogie. He tries to jizz in her hair to win her over but as many of us know firsthand that rarely works. So instead Stiller decides to bow out of the race and instead calls Brett Farve to hook back up with her. However, Mary decides to choose Stiller over Farve, and if youve seen those pics he texted Jenn Sterger you know why. Then Buttercup plays, the end.

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