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"You drank my battleship"

There Shall be as Blood is a 2007 film directed written and produced by Wes Anderson and based on the novel "Welcome to the Jungle" by Sinclair Lewis. It stars Charlie Day Lewis (no relation) as a Texas oilman who doesnt take kindly to no. 

Plot Edit

Lewis plays Daniel Planeview, who is just a Texas oilman looking to fill you up along with his son H.G. "Wells" Planeview, who was literally born in oil wells. Daniel is the brains and H.G. is the looks, Daniel is also the wildcard. So he starts to spill oil everywhere. Wildcard baby! The local priest "Cricket" tries to stop him but is smacked repeatedly and told to gtfocat. Wells begins to go deaf and Planeview cant handle it, turning to the bottle. He begins to drink all the time and tells Wells that is a dumpster baby and he wants an abortion. Cricket attempts to give him an intervention but is bludgoned to death in a bowling alley, are greatest alley. And then a bunch of blood comes out of the priests head, just as he had predicted. Plot twist!

Soundtrack Edit

Maroon 5 - There will be Blood

Quotes Edit

"There LITERALLY will be blood. There shall be as blood."

"I drink your milksteak. I drink it up."

"Finish him!" 

"I am NOT the father"

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