Are you ready for March Madness

The Tournament is a 2009 pretentious indie arthouse movie. Although it has some action scenes it is more of a cerebral film, the kind you have to watch many times to really get it all, much like Law Abiding Citizen. It kind of went over my head though. I just didnt 'get it'. It starred Kelly Hu, Ving Rhames, Robert Caryle and his brother Boone.

Plot Edit

Every 7 years the worlds greatest a@@a@@ins gather to participate in a tournament where they must be the last person left alive, and they will win a large cash prize. It attracts many renowned hitmen such as Asian girl, black guy who runs and jumps alot which is v impresive, Russian mercenary, Ving Rhames, and Miles Slade the crazy Texan kid. This year a priest entered also, and he will try to win the competitoin using deceit and guile and NOT doing any of the work himself, which has disturbing parallels to Obama. Who will win? You have to watch to find out. Ving Rhames

Cast Edit

Robert Carlyle - Priest

Ving Rhames - Ving Rhames

Kelly Hu - Asian girl

Boone Carlyle - Miles Slade

Soundtrack Edit

R-CANE - Get Freaky With Me (strip club scene)

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