The Sopranos was a show on HBO that was about the mafia. It had no deeper meaning. In the tradition of The Goodfather, it was only about the mafia.


Tony Soprano - The main character and leader of the Jersey Shore (Good show). Tony never had the makings of a varsity athlete. He is an independent crime boss who realizes that Blacks are more likely to commit crimes.

Carmela Soprano - Tonys wife who knows that a womans place is in the home. Halfway through the sixth season she was traded to the New York mob for Raymond Felton and low level hitter Daniel Gallinari.

Meadow Soprano - Tonys libtard daughter. Tony eventually curbstomps a man who made a vaguely sexual comment to her, culminating in all out war with New York. If someone sexually harasses MY daughter he will be lucky to just get curbstomped.

AJ Soprano - Backstreet boy

Christopher Moltobene - Aspiring screenwriter who uses a lot of drugs. Shoots people who disagree with him. Typical hollywood lib.

Paulie "Two times" Walnuts - Tonys henchman.

Uncle Junior - Tonys uncles son.

Bobby Baclava - A Turkish delicacy.

Vito Spatafore - gay member of the pink mafia who was added to the cast to appease the PC police

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