I thought the libs said acid rain was going to kill us all?

The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 movie about a man wrongly sentenced to prison for killing his wife. If anyone is ever accused of killing MY wife he wont even go to prison because I will give him the death penalty. And dont even try to tell me the guy might be innocent. What are the odds of that? 


Andy Dufraine is a banker who is convicted of murder after an open and shut case. Because hes a banker, Obama decides to give him a bailout and has the activist judge give him a life sentence instead of the chair. Dufraine is a soft on crime lib who believes that the prisoners should be given alcohol and basically rewaded for there crimes with things such as a library, music, education, not being killed etc. What a lib. Also he is gay (I would never allow myself to be raped by a guy. I am STRAIGHT.) Finally he breaks out of prison and steals all the wardens money proving that rehabilitation for these people is impossible. You cant teach an old lib new tricks. And that is the moral of the movie.

Cast Edit

  • Tim Robbins - Andy Dufraine
  • Samuel L. Jackson - Red

Quotes Edit

"Ernest Hemmingway once wrote get busy living or get dying. I agree with the second part"

"Hope and change are bad things, maybe the worst of things, and Obama needs to be impeached. I hope he gets deported back to Zihuatanejo Mexico."

"Some birds werent meant to be caged, there feathers are just too bright. I dont get it."


"I miss my friend An-dy"

"An-dy Dufraine"

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