Dwyane "Rocky" "The Rock" Maivia "Johnson" is a wrestler, actor and probably a rapper. He was used as the model for Ryu in Street Fighter IV.


Early life Edit

The Rock played college football for the Miami Hurricanes, where he and Ray Lewis committed several murders.

Wrestling Edit

Although he wanted to be a dancer, Rock's parents forced him into the family business of wrestling. He joined the WWF and hoped to earn enough money to start his own bakery, but fell in with a bad crowd known as the Nation of Domination. They were a group of Black separatists who had frightening parallels with Obama, and they taught Rock to inbrace socialism. He became obsessed with the proliteriat and began to share his elbow and eyebrow with the people, and even himself. However it wasnt long before Rock realized that capitalism is the true way and he broke his ties and decided to stop leeching off society. Afterwards he became the World Champion and spoke at the Republican National Convention, denouncing liberals.

Acting Edit

The Rock starred in The Mummy, and then in its prequel The Scorpion King. Unfortunately he missed out on starring in the Mummy 4 Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which was known as a cinematic masterpeace. Later Rock retired from wrestling to act full time, and Arnold Schwarzenegger literally passed him the action star torch, allowing him to make such nonstop action packed thrillers as Game Plan, Tooth Fairy and Witch Mountain.

Quotes Edit


"Abominable SNOWMEN?!?!?"

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