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The Quest for Curlys Golden Dragon

The Quest is a 1996 film starring John Clod Van Dam in his epic directoring debut. It has a storyline similar to another Van Dam movie Bloodsport, and also similar to another Van Dam movie Kickboxer, and also similar to another Van Dam movie Lionheart.

Plot Edit

Van Dam plays Christopher Dubois, frenchman extraordinaire. He is a New York pickpocket (this is before Guliani cleaned the city up) and he stows away on a pirate ship, where he is found by a mercenary. He is then sold into slavery (see Whites were slaves too but you dont see us asking for rapearations or playing the race card. Hell I dont even see myself as White I see myself as American.) Dubois becomes trained in the Japanese martial art form known as Mai Thai (good drink) and represents the United States in the Olympics. As a white guy, as a white a white guy, I have to say, good for him for showing that people like us can succeed in an Asian sport and even beat them at there own game. He wins the tournament and he gets the gold medal which is a dragon.

Trivia Edit

This is one of the few movies where Van Dam wins a fighting tournament.

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