175px-New York Times cover 7-19-09-1-

Also known as The Daily Worker

The New York Times is a liberal newspaper founded in New York in 1851. It is the largest metropolitan newspaper in America and one of the largest propaganda sources in print. Some people (NOT me) refer to it as the Jew York times even though it is liberal and thereby by its very nature anti-semitic.

History Edit

Although it was started by a Republican in 1951, and was therefore unbiased, the paper gradually moved to the left, in the process becoming biased and unreliable. Soon it became nothing more then a commie rag, much like the Boca Breeze. They even tried to undermine America in the Vietnam War, by printing stuff that America had done. Im sorry but that is NOT journalism. The Founding Fathers would roll over in there grave if they knew that the liberal MSM was printing stuff that makes America look bad. Thats called treason and its against the Constution.

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