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Not to be confused with The Independent (me)

The International is a nonstop thrillride starring Clive Owen as a simple country boy, some might say a cockeyed optimist, who gets caught up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue. Naomi Watts costars.

Plot Edit

Interpol (good band) agent Lou Salinger and Elanor Whitman, who is Manhattan ADA to Jack McCoy, are both investigating a bank who they blame for making to much money. Whats funny is that capitalism is basically what makes the world go round yet these Euro socialists want to punish coporations for doing well. What they need to do is read Atlas Shrugged which is a historical account of how people tried this before and it led to all productive members of society leaving and the world collapsing. A very insightful read. So now they try to bring down this bank but people keep getting shot. In like every country. Thus the name of the movie. At the end, the good guys triumph as the bank is shown to be very successful despite these libtards trying to bring them down. Banks controlling governments FTW

Plothole Edit

The movie poster shows Naomi Watts in the guggenhime shootout but she is NOT in that scene. That was the only plothole in the movie.

Cast Edit

Clive Owen - Lou Salinger

Naomi Watts - Elanor Whitman

Reception Edit

The movie recieved mixed reviews. Some people liked the shootouts and the number of people who got BOOM HEADSHOT, but most people said they want more shaky cam. You can NOT go wrong with the shaky cam. Frankly when I watch a movie I do NOT want to know whats going on I just want something to happen and then I say "what just happened." Dark Knight FTW

Quotes Edit

"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my clients father, prepare to die. Michael Corleone says hello."

"The only difference between fact and fiction is fiction has to make sense. This movie is based on a true story apparently."

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