The Christmas Sweater – A Return To Redemption is a 2009 blockbuster that rocked the nation. It was written by Glenn Beck and directed by NBA commissioner David Stern.

Crowds standing outside for tickets to the 9:30 showing

Plot Edit

Based on his bestselling, Newberry award winning novel, The Chrismas Sweater - A Return to Redemption is a story about a sweater, redemption, and America. It is a timeless tale, a beautiful metaphor, and a breathtaking masterpeace. It is literally as God. It is all things to men, and maybe to one lucky woman. It is the Sun and the Earth. It is become Shiva, the destroyer. You can NOT deny the emotional impact of The Christmas Sweater, folded lightly and placed in the drawer like a kitten. It will make you believe that anything is possible. My God, it's full of stars.


This was the line for the ticket holders

Reception Edit

The movie broke box office records, lets just put it that way.

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