Before you die you see the box

The Box is a psychological thriller and an INTELLIGENT MOVIE for INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.

Plot Edit

These people get a box on there doorstep. Dr. Evil says if you push the button on the box then someone dies and you get one million dollars. So they push the button. Then the alien keeps bothering them. And they go to a library filled with aliens where they have to experiements and travel through the right warp zone or else you get eternal damnation. And then youre kid gets kidnapped. Youre kid is now blind and deaf for the rest of his life unless you kill youre wife. The million dollars will be put in an interest bearing account that the aliens set up on there mac after they repaired the damage done by Jeff Goldblooms virus. I guess the aliens should have mentioned all these conditions originally but thats not how contracts work. And dont try to kill the alien guy because hes actually a human who was struck by lightning and reanimated and then started to do all this as part of the Mars project. But you can see youre wife again in the afterlife, which the aliens also control.  The writing in this movie is so good.

Cast Edit

Cameron Diaz

Tom Cruise

Quotes Edit

"Whats in the boooxx!" WHATS IN THE BOOOOOX!" 

"Before you die, you see the box."

"Dont you wanna feel that cozy little box clamped down on your johnson"

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