Texas Hold Them is a variation of Poker which was invented in Texas where you hold them.

The KJ suited. A vn pocket hand

How to Play Edit

First you make the bet which is called the Anti. You have the Big Blind and the Little Blind. Then you call or you raise. Then you can reraise or you call or you fold. Then comes the first 3 cards which is the Flop. Then you bet or you call or you raise or you fold. Then comes "Forth Street" or "The Turn". Then you can bet, or call a bet, or raise a bet, or fold to a bet, or reraise a bet that was raised. Then comes Fifth Street or "The River". And then you make a bet, or you call, or you raise, or you fold, or you reraise. You could also check if no one else betted, or folded, or raised, or reraised.

Combinations of Cards Edit

You start off with a pocket pair. Pocket Aces are known as the Mandingo. Pocket Kings are the Lexington or also known as Valthonis if you get another K on the flop. Pocket Queens are a Boonjam. Pocket jacks is known as "JJ's schoolin" or "that money's for JJ's schoolin". Pocket tens are "pocket tens". Then you have pocket nines which are "pocket nines". Pocket 8s are known as "the 14 words" which are vnw. Pocket 7s are "pocket 7s", This is pretty much the same through pocket 4s which are "the Clint'" Pocket 3s are the "Ewing" and pocket 2s are "the Ross" or "the Thanatos". Pocket ones frankly are madeup. Other combinations include the SephirothX (AK) the Killer7 (K7) and the KJ suited (KJ...suited).

Terminology Edit

Flop - the first 3 cards

VNH - Very Nice Hand

TYVM - Thank You Very Much

Go back to Brokeback Mountain - A Very Nice Insult

Famous players Edit

Phill Hellmuth

Phil Ivy

Mike "i am NOT straight" Matusow

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

Sammy Farha

Stu Ungar

Johnny Chan

Doyle Brunson

Matt Damon

Supreme Allah

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