Tennis is a sport played with a tennis ball and a tennis racquet. It is often played inbetween commercials for investment firms, luxury cars and watches.



Tennis is sponsered by Kia.

Tennis was invented in 1850 by Joe Pepitone.

Roger Federer going to Denny's for his 15th Grand Slam

Grand SlamEdit

There are like 4 Grand Slams. They are the most prestigous and delicious tennis tournaments. The best one is the USA OPEN. There is also Wimbledon Open (played at the All English Muffin Club), The Austriaan Open and The French Toast ($1 extra), which is the worst because its played on clay and everyone knows clay is for girls. The French are such pussies.

AMERICAN Tennis PlayersEdit

The most winningest Grand Slam champion of all time is Pete Sampras (an Independent) who has won 14 Grand Slams. He has won all 3 Grand Slams. He is way better than FAR LEFT [1] Iranian Andre Agassi who has only one like 8 grand slams which anyone can do. Like all leftists he uses drugs. Stay classy, Andre.

The best woman's tennis player ever is Martina Navratatalovia (an AMERICAN) who has won like 300 Grand Slams I think. Navrata..Navrito...whatever also has politican ambitions, in an interview with Commie Chung she sayd she wanted to be a politician, to which INDEPENDENT interviewer Chung replied, "go back to Czechoslovakia". THIS. AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.


Andre Agassi before he went bald

Best Current PlayersEdit

The hottest player on tour right now is Rafael Nadal. The HOTTEST female player is Amelie Mauresmo.

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