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Flawless victory

Street Fighter is a series of games by Capcom, in which people fight on the street in a tournament to determine whos the best. The winner will face Kimbo Slice.


The plot revolves around the tournament that is held among all the street fighters of the world, or at least the ones from important countries. They duke it out irrespective of weight classes and the winner is crowned the strongest person in the world. Sagat is the defending champion but he is beaten by Ryu (yet today if you beat a saggat you get charged with a "hate crime"). Then the evil dictator Balrog Hussein Obama enters the tournament along with his criminal organization Shadaloo (ACORN). Balrog Obama is known as M. Bison in America, and like the real Mike Bison he converted to Islam in prison or as they call them in Indonesia "madrassas". He killed Chun Lis father and Guiles friend (religion of peace my a@@) and now you must inpeach him.


"For you the day Obama destroyed your country was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday." - B. Hussein

"Go home and be a family man, because single moms are ruining society." - Guile

"I'm the strongest woman in the world!" - (which is why libs fear her) - Sarah Palin

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