Dont believe everything they tell you

Sporcle is a liberal website on the internet that claims to be about trivia but is just liberal propaganda. Users can create games on it however if your games go against the liberal groupthink mindset they get deleted. I guess freedom of speech only matters if your a lib.

Categories Edit

Theres 15 categories of games on Sporcle. Entertainment, Gaming, Geography, History, Holiday, Just For Fun, Language, Literature, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music, Religion, Science, Sports and Television, in alphabetical order.

Silencing Descent Edit

Sporcle has disturbing parallels to Hitler and Obama, in that they silence descent and delete there quizzes. I like how people are allowed to have quizzes like Naming the Egyptian gods and the Five PIllars of Islam, but if I try to make a quiz called Reasons to Elect Sarah Palin or Reasons to Inpeach Obama, I get my quizzes deleted. Its nice to know that libs can just censor everything they dont like.

An independent Sporcle? Edit

Much like how Independent Thought Wiki is the INDEPENDENT Wiki, where working on creating an Independent Sporcle, where we look at BOTH sides instead of just saying that Hakeem Olajuwon was NBA MVP in 1994 which is a liberal viewpoint. Have you ever considered that Patrick Ewing might have been MVP that year? Or do you sheeple just go with whatever people tell you. This is the same as global warming or evolution where libs just swallow what people sell them blindly.

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