Spaghetti is a pasta. Its long and thin like me, however unlike me it is of Italian origin (Im AMERICAN).

Origin Edit

Chinese noodles predate Spaghetti so Chinese traders may have give the secret, bettraying there people. F all traders and I hope those guys were hanged for traison. Later, filthy immigrants brought it over from Italy, where Americans would first experience it at

Mamma mia

. When your there your family.

Preparation Edit

First you boil some water. Throw the pasta in the pot. Add either salt, olive oil, or if your like me, Wild Turkey. Mix until its as soft as you like. Because most of the world is liberal, the most popular way of eating is Al'Dente. Its funny how libs support terrorism even though the terrorists WANT TO KILL THEM. The secret ingredient in spaghetti is love.

Serving Edit

Serve it with sauce, which may contain herbs, spices, meat and mushrooms but nothing else. Well, sometimes cheese but you sprinkle that on top. Dont cook it IN the sauce I mean come on. Then put it on a plate. You just got served.

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