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If you havent seen it, its new to you

Seinfeld was a mildly popular NBC sitcom that ran from 1989-1998. It starred Jerry Seinfeld as himself, along with Michael Richards, Julia Louie Dreyfuss and Jason Alexander (good movie). The show was co-created by Seinfeld (good show) and Larry David.

Plot Edit

Jerry Seinfeld is living in New York City along with his 3 friends. They are lazy liberals who sit around all day whining and the series revolves around this. One day George realizes that because he is a liberal every instinct he has is wrong, and decides to do the opposite and become a conservative. He then finally exercises personal responsibility and gets a job. At the same time Elaines life spirals downward due to her support of abortion. Jerry is so broke from being a stoned slacker that he bounces clown checks at the bodega, and Kramer refuses to get a job because he is a lazy member of a union. George meanwhile reverts to his liberal ways as well. This leads to the the series finale where the four are finally arrested and put into a debtors prison.


Jerry Seinfeld - Kel Varnsen

Jason Alexander - Art Vandelay

Julia Louie Dreyfuss - Paloma

Michael Richards - H.E. Pennypacker


"It's NOT a lie, if *you* believe it." - George Costanza speaking at CPAC
"My rods and cones are all screwed up!" - Kramer after seeing an eye doctor under Obamacare

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