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"The first deadly sin is never talk about deadly sins"

Se7en is a 1995 buddy cop movie movie starring Samuel L. Jackson as a down on his luck hard boiled detective on his last day of duty, and Brad Pitt as the bumbling new hotshot rookie partner he has to break in. Who knows what wacky adventures these two will get theirselves into!

Plot Edit

Seven deadly sins. Seven ways to die. Two fed up cops. One independent. Add them all up and it equals seven. But that doesnt answer the question of whose going around killing people, and making these murders a sermon to us? You have to watch the movie to find out. Plot twist it was Kaiser Soze all along. In the final scene the truth is discovered. If the killer (a righteous man) is executed then Mills wife (Demi Moore) will give birth to Satan as the se7enth sign. Thankfully she and the baby inside her are killed by Soze, sparing the world. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was almost being born. And like that poof, gone. Soze then gives Mills a box, after which Mills kills him. The contents of the box are never revealed. A classic Macguffin.

Cast Edit

  • Brad Pitt - Mills
  • Samuel L. Jackson - Somerset
  • Kevin Spacey - Kasier Soze
  • Gwynneth Paltrow - Mrs. Mills
  • R. Lee Ermey - Police Captain


Somerset: "Michael Crichton once wrote the world is a fine place. I agree"

Mills: "Whats in the box?"
Soze: "One cut a hole in a box. Two put her head in that box. Three make you open the box"
Mills: "LOL"

So I took a souvenir, her pretty little hair

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