I am NOT gay. Posting some guys nude centerfold from Cosmo does NOT make me gay.

Scott Brown
(born September 12, 1959) became Senator of Massachusetts in what was a major referendum on Obama proving that nobody likes Obama because he is so damn unpopular even Mass libs have had enough. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocate Generals (JAG) (good show)


2010 electionsEdit

As part of taking are country back we ran Scott Brown against Martha Cokely for the vacant seat left by Ted Kennedy. Although no one thought a lib could loose that seat, Brown was able to surge to victory. This was a real jolt for the Democrat party and they finally had to wake up and see the coffee. This proved that even the libs of Massachusetts thought Obama was too liberal. They did NOT want Obamacare, and if any lib tries to point out that the state healthcare system they have is way more liberal then Obamacare, then they need to shut up. This was a referendum. Nobody wants there doctor peppering them with government driven solutions and leaving them on the waiting list for a death panel, and thats what this election was about. They dont want Obama running up a tab this country cant pay where everyone feels entitled to there own slice of the pie. The people have made there choice and its the same as Uncle Sams choice which is NO socilized healthcare. Dont even try to tell me that Brown is basically a democrat, thats just the libs way of trying to feel better about this major event. This is a major victory for the Republicans and proof we will crush Obama in 2012. Mr. piberal liberal namby pamby Obambi is going DOWN.

Post-2010 electionEdit

We need to recall Scott Brown. Hes basically a democrat.

Personal lifeEdit

Scott Brown is a real mans man who looks fantastic unlike your typical out of shape marshmallow yellowbellied limp wristed girly liberal. I am NOT gay. Scott Brown has daughters with sun kissed lips so hot theyll met your popsicle. And if anyone says that about MY daughter I will beat him to death with his own dirty mouth, somehow. Show some respect.


Brown is also well known for his pickup truck. Those have never driven a GMC Sierra missed out bigtime as this baby is all-terrain. You can drive all over Massachusetts in this thing shifted into gear 7, up a mountain down into a valley and even into the river to tow out Ted Kennedys many cars filled with many dead women.

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