Lewis "Scooter" Libby (born August 22, 1950) was an aide to Dick Cheney, and a scapegoat. He was the sacrifice the Island demanded. Do NOT be fooled by his name, hes one of the good ones.
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Scooter "Independent" Libby

Early life Edit

Scooter was born to Jews, are greatest allys. He went to Yale and was originally a democrat, until he met legendary professor, a gentleman and a scholar named Paul Wolfowitz who taught him to look at BOTH sides and become a Republican. Wolfowitz was known as an actual GOOD professor unlike all the other ones. He does NOT cling to his Origin of Species or place himself on equal footing with Jesus. And unlike lib professors he does NOT try to influence students to believe his political philospohy.

The Apprentice Edit

After meeting Donald Trump, Libby was inspired to write a novel. It was called The Apprentice and was a thriller about people stuck in Japan during the swine flu epidemic caused by Obama. It includes references to rape, beastiality, pedophilia, and rape. This is because he was a lib when he started writing it.

Government career Edit

He became a top aide to Dick Cheney in the Bush White House, and was very trusted because he was a man of honesty and integrity, much like Cheney himself. Yes he was a lawyer but NOT all lawyers are scumbags, just the ones like John Edwards which is like practically all of them. That guy once double billed his clients so he could afford $400 haircuts, as seen in the documentary The Firm. After Libby was scapegoated, Cheney wanted Bush to pardon him but Bush, who became more liberal in his final days of the presidency, refused to do so. He is now disbarred until 2012.

Involvement in the Plame Affair Edit

Who cares. Jeeze, let it go libs.

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