Science AKA Junk science is the act of liberals conspiring to make stuff up. People who study science are called scientists, but these people dont actually know science and you cant trust them. They will tell a lie and then repeat it over and over, and the mother of all lies is global warming. The people who really know about science and the ones I do trust especially are Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman...any one of them.


Originally science was invented by atheists who cant stand religion so they have to make stuff up. Like trying to say that sundown wasnt the act of a guy on a chariot racing around in the sky or that the weather wasnt God having some fun.


The motives for lying is that liberals will do anything for "the greater good" and they say what they want because you leftists eat it up. This has been there plan all along. Conservatives on the other hand are more honest and will let people make up there own minds. Thats why we need to outlaw scientists.

Silencing descentEdit

They wont allow any point raised by another scientist to disrupt the narrative.

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