Saved by the Bell was an NBC sitcom focused on the issues of being a teenager. It was noted for its realism.

Plot Edit

There are a group of kids in Indiana. Or California. They attend Bayside high school. Anyway they are just trying to survive the high school experience, but its tough because theres a lot of pressure when your the Baseball captains, Football captain, Track captain, Basketball captain, Swim captain, Volleyball captain, Head cheerleader, President of the school, Ms. Bayside, Chess captain, Prom committee, Senior trip planners, Academic bowl team, Wrestling captain, and the Principal is youre best friend. Its hard being a kid! 

Cast Edit

  • Mark Paul Gosselin as Zack Morris
  • Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater
  • Dustin Diamond as Samuel "Screech" Powers
  • Tiffani Amber Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski
  • Elizabeth Berkely as Jesse Spano
  • Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle
  • Dennis Haskins as Richard "The big bopper" Belding

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