Rudolph Guliani (born May 28, 1944) is the former mayor of New York City and a living legend. He cleaned up New York in his reign daring to make Times Square suitable for children. He helped guide the city through 9/11.
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Never forget 9/11

Early life before 9/11 Edit

Giuliani was born in Brooklyn and was the son of Italian immigrants. His father was a criminal, so Giuliani by extension was a democrat. He went to law school to continue his family tradition of being a criminal.

Early Career before 9/11 Edit

After actually getting a job and being in the real world, Giuliani realized that liberals are naive and became a Republican. He became U.S. Attorney for Southern district of New York. At this time the Mafia was powerful in New York and the Don or the Godfather from each of the Five Familys used to prance around doing whatever they wanted with no fear of the law like John Gotti. Rudy put them all away using RICO. Metropolitan New York went from a crime den to a family friendly funhouse.

Politics before and after 9/11 Edit

Giuliani then became the mayor, and layeth the smack down. He did NOT dance around like the previous mayor Dinkins when it came to law enforcement. He continued to clean up the streets, literally. Then 9/11 happened and he took charge. He began to dash around the city making sure everything was okay and then turned his attention to Bin Laden and said "No way you live, no way". This made him TIME magazines MAN of the year.

Guiliani retired from being mayor and decided to run for president. A media blitz ensued with everyone asking how Giuliani had the momentum of a runaway fright train and how was he so popular. Giuliani replied "9/11" and the crowd cheered. However ACORN stuffed the primary box and he lost to liberal Juan Mccain.

Personal life besides 9/11 Edit

He was very loyal to his wife Donna Hanover, but then he met a little vixen by the name of Judith Nathan. When Cupid shoots his thunderbolt at a virile Italian MAN there can be no resistence, and Giuliani had no choice but to hit that. HARD.

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