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If football was in the olympics he would have a gold or silver metal

Ronnie Gene Brown (born December 12, 1981) is a BLACK football player. Look I dont even see people in terms of color I just thought Id point out that hes Black.

High school Edit

He went to Cartersville High School in Georgia which is NOT that great a town. I mean they have that one breakfast stand on the side of the road but that isnt saying much. He was a pretty good player in high school and decided to play in the neighboring state of Alabama for college. But instead of playing for the Crimson Tide he chose to go to Auburn.

College Edit

He redshirted his first year but soon when he got carries he would make the Tigers fans cheer and yell. Only he wasnt the only star runningback there was also "Cadillac" (thats how they name there kids) Williams. The two guys made a good tandem and both rushed for a lot of yards. But Auburn blew so he didnt really have any good postseason stats and never got to play in the Orange Bowl.

NFL Edit

Brown was chosen #2 by Miami in 2005. Williams was chosen #5 by Tampa Bay and was green with envy. I mean Tampas got some nice beaches but its no Miami. Plus the 5th pick gets paid less. However on the bright side there a lot less gay people in Tampa. Out on Miami beach you have a bunch of rainbow freaks, guys wearing bikinis and listening to Indigo girls. Disgusting. At first Brown held out for more money. Look I have no problem with that because we live in a capitalist society and unless your some pinko commie you realize that athletes need to get paid. Football is a violet sport so I say get your money when you can. After he signed, Brown split duties with Ricky Williams and was able to have some good stats. Then in 2006 he became the featured back when Williams quit to smoke the whacky tobcaccy. Later Williams came back. Then in 2008 they did the Wildcat offense. However in 2009 Brown was injured and will be replaced by Pat White.

Personal life Edit

He probably listens to cRap

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