Polanski with one of his sex toys

Roman Raymond Polanski (born August 18, 1933) is a film director and award winning rapist. He started his career in Polandski and then illegally immigrated to the United States. He directed such films as as Rosemary Clooneys baby, about the birth of George Clooney AKA Satan, and The Penis starring Adrian Brady.

Early Career Edit

Polanski was born in France but moved to Poland, possibly to find girls to rape. Here he began to direct films so that he could take advantage of the casting couch. He rose to fame after directing M Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water and then moved back to France. He then directed Repulsion, a movie about a girl who thinks about rape all day. This was his most acclaimed film until he moved to the United States.

In United States Edit

Polanski decided to continue to making movies about things that terrified women so he made Rosemarys Baby, about a woman who gives birth to the devil after her husband sells her womb to Satan. Based on a true story. He then directed Chinatown starring Jack Nicklaus who was literally terrifying as The Joker. Later he raped Natasha Kinski who was 15. Then he had to leave the U.S. after raping someone who was 13.

Later Career Edit

He directed more films about people selling there souls to Satan (Ninth Gate) and proabably raped more little girls. Then he got arrested in a Dateline : To Catch a Predator sting and now hes going to learn what happens when you mess with someones daughter.

Personal life Edit

Polanski was married to actress Sharon Tate but then had her murdered by his liberal friends the Manson family. He then committed a lot of rapes.

Of course the French guy approves

Disturbing parallels to Obama Edit

Shawn Hannity recovered disturbing footage of Obama checking out a teenage girl. Hannity was visibly disgusted by this guy.

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