In there larval stage they look like spiral pasta. Bon appetite

The RINOceros beetles are subfamily of beetles that are popular pets in Asia. They are clean, easy to maintain and are about as emotionally involved with Asians as there spouses. They like to wear hats which they use in battle.

Early life Edit

The larval stage is long and they feed on rotten wood and they eat coconuts and drink nectar.

Trivia Edit

There the most popular pet is Asia besides tomagotchi. There often used in gambling fights because they will literally fight to the death for there woman, as women are hard to find in Asia. They can lift up to 850 times there body weight, much like Pat Robertson. Did I mention that there one of the strongest animals, and can lift up to 850 times there own body weight? Oh, yeah I just mentioned that.


A rinocerus beetle lifting up a young boy to take to his nest and feed on

Kingdom Edit

They belong to the animal kingdom

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