Ray Stevens is a country singer that describes himself as "to the right of Atilla the Hun" that is to say he is even more of an independent then Attilla. He is known for his great songs such as Ahab the Arab in 1962 which Bill O'Reilly has pointed out that you cant even get away with that song today. These days you cant even make fun of Arabs, even though there all loosers, or else you will be called a racist. What has happened to America? This is NOT what are Founding Fathers intended. They wanted us to have slaves and to hate Arabs and these libs are trying to change that. Arabs need to learn to take a joke, I mean you never see White people complain about being made fun of.

Double StandardsEdit

I mean I FREAKING HATE how these black comedians can make fun of whites. They get up there and make fun of the way we dance and call us "white boy" and "honky". How come Chris Rock can say "Im going to kill you cracker" but if Michael Kramer says "nigger" (which is NOT a racist term it can refer to whites as well) all of a sudden he is literally burned at the steak? Double standards.

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