Ransom is a 1996 movie based on Akira Kurosawas acclaimed manga High and Low. It stars Mel Gibson as Harrison Ford.


Mel Gibson is a hard working independent who has earned a lot of money which Obama is going to tax at a high level, which will cause Gibson to leave the country. Knowing this is imminent, a group of liberal kidnappers take his son and hold him for ransom. They call Gibson with there demands and Gibson says "Give me back my son!" and the kidnappers say "Yeah, we will when we recieve the ransom? Usually thats how a ransom works. Still not following?" However Gibson decides he can NOT in good conscients support a bailout of the kidnapping industry. He goes on TV and tells them that he will never pay ransom because the Founding Fathers meant for him to keep all the money he had earned despite what progressives think. Instead of looking for handouts he tells the kidnappers they need to pull theirself up by the bootstraps and earn that money by telling him where his son is. One of the kidnappers does and then goes to get his big check. But when Gibson notices his son pissing his pants like a scared liberal he realizes that the free market says he needs to cancel that check. He then chases the kidnapper through the city and kills him. If someone kidnapped MY son I wouldnt just kill him I would torture him to death and the police could NOT stop me because I am a MAN. I am a DAMN good father. Youll understand when your a father. If you dont have kids you dont have the right to talk. 9/11 changed everything.


"Give me back my son!"

"My boy!"

"They took my boy!"

"They took my son!"


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