From the creators of Jaws and Star Wars

Raiders of the LOST Ark is a 1981 movie starring Indian Jones. It concerns how Jones has to fight the National SOCIALISTS in order to preserve capitalism and Christianity in the world, by recovering the Ark of the Convenent which God gave us to store all are arms in as promised by the Second Ammendment.

Plot Edit

In there attempts to spread socialism around the world, the Nazis are desperate to destroy all evidence of God. That includes destroying Noahs Ark. So they try to find it in Egypt. But at the same time Indian Jones has been hired by America to also find it. Indian Jones is the worlds most famous arkeologist and is therefore an expert at finding arks. So Jones finds it and then the Nazis steal it and intomb him with a bunch of snakes. He hates snakes. So he burrows out and then steals a plane. And then he steals a truck. And then he steals a boat. And then at the end God smites them all to punish them for killing Jews, are greatest allys. At the end the liberal government is bloated with a bunch of bureaucrats so they take the Ark and put in storage and no one can find it.

Reception Edit

It got a lot of good reviews. People said that it was about time liberal hollywood showed all the bad things that socialists had done like trying to steal Noahs Ark which the liberal professors wont tell you about.

Quotes Edit

"Just like a wog, brings a sword to a gunfight."

"I HATE snakes. GET these snakes OFF MY PLANE."

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