Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera

(born 3 June 1986) is South American tennis player from Spain.  He is my favorite player because he is an actual MAN unlike toothpick arm Federer who isN'T a MAN he isN'T even married like I am.

Finally a real MAN tennis player


He must work out (I'm just saying as one guy who works out to another he has a really good body I'm not gay or anything)

Tennis career Edit

He has won a lot of tournaments

Playing style Edit

He penetrates very well...the court.. his shots penetrate the court very well.  When he is serving his receiver has a lot of trouble handling his balls because he likes to go very know his shots go deep like near the baseline is what i mean.

Capt.d55c860289d0442787734ea54d4edb41.aptopix china tennis shanghai masters xaw131

Nadal (not pictured) is known as one of the hottest players on know because hes won a lot of tournaments recently...his career is very hot right now is what imean...btw that girl in green is pretty hot also

Sexuality Edit

Like me is he NOT gay. 
FM NADAL W07 D13 006-low-740053

He is known for wearing capri pants

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