180px-Waschbaer auf dem Dach-1-

Any masked intruder tries to break into MY house I will skin him. Even if its an animal.

The raccoon is an AMERICAN animal which is also known as a coon. Uh-oh here comes the PC police even though all I was doing was mentioning the name of an animal! LOL its funny how sensitive and PC all these other races are. It reminds me of when I was passing by these people waiting in line for a cRap concert and I said "this crowd is niggardly" and all these people got mad at me even though niggardly is a word and its NOT even racial. So they came up to me and I was like "look, first of all dont you EVER try to threaten me because I am a MAN." Okay I didnt say that I actually just walked off really fast but I thought it. They probably had guns or something anyway.

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