Silly rabbit. Tricks are for cats

Rabbits are small mammals that hop around all the time. They were first documented on the Galapogos Islands where they outran the giant tortoises, which was recorded in the book Watership Down by Charles Darwin with foreword by Aesop. The rabbits there were extra huge. The book was later adapted into a screenplay by John Updike and made into a movie called Night of the Lepus.

In popular cultureEdit

Bugs Bunny
Easter Bunny
Peter Rabbit
Peter Cottontail
Velveteen Rabbit
Usagi Yojimbo
Rabbit from 8 Mile
Bucky OHare
Sexy Beast rabbit
Playboy bunnies
Kid from Gummo
Donnie Darko rabbit
Roger Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
Vermont State Trooper and Country Music Award winner Rabbit Roto
Rabbit in Fatal Attraction
Cadbury bunny
Trix rabbit
Brer Rabbit
Brown Bunny

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