Red = REAL

REAL America is the parts of America that are small towns, and red states. You wont find ACORN there. Youll find people who are very pro-America. 

Red statesEdit

Real America can be identified because there the color red. Much of Real America lies below the Mason Dixon Line but theres a lot out West as well. These are the parts of America where people believe in bootstraps and NOT handouts.


A lot of people try to pretend that Red states are places with worse quality of life. NRO knows this could be due to Black people? [1] (There just asking questions). As an Independent White man who doesnt see myself or anyone else in terms of color, its obvious to me that Blacks are making red states look bad. They complain about being "oppressed" but we gave them a chance as theyve been equal since like 1865 but they blew it. Instead of working hard these guys want handouts to get plump off are dollar. And amazingly even if they get them we have to deal with gangstas or angery thugs robbing us for even more handouts while they yell Obama and carve backwards Bs onto are cheeks, the scar letting everyone know they better vote Hopey Changey or else. Obama impowers every purp, lets them break into are houses and steel are silverware and strip are copper wiring and then rewards them for it. Well thats called socialism and if your into that then go move to Beijing with the other pinko commies because this is America and we wont put up with this. Lets go back to the gold standard and free market and get rid of all the libs like Obama, Alan Grayson and any of these other progressives who stand in the way of progress by trying to make us "go green" or allow gays to have rights which will make us all be gay and listen to Indigo girls. Luckily Scott Browns election proves that people are tired of libs and soon we will be rid of this Obama prick. Other dems will follow and in 2012 expect the government to be made up of all independents AKA Republicans. P.S. I am NOT racist my wife has a black friend and I have a tan.



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