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Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory that wants to pretend there a country. There an island like Guantanamo Bay, where we have to waterboard (NOT torture) terrorists for freedom, to get them to betray Al Quaeda and tell us where the ticking bomb is thats going to go off in an hour. Wouldnt you torture (even though its NOT torture) someone to find out where a ticking bomb was that was going to kill thousands of people within the hour? Exactly. This is a really good argument. Thats why we should go even FURTHER with these animals. Lets cut off there junk. Males hate having there junk cut off which I can verify as a MAN. After we slice right off there arab jewels then they will have to tell us where there going to strike. The best way to get secrets out of them is to burn them plus the Quran but libs wont let us. If that guy had burned all there holy books, tore the pages out and made them watch then we probably wouldve won the war on terror.

Plot Edit

They act like there a different country.

Plothole Edit

However theirs a pothole. There NOT a country their actually the 51st and final state. FOR NOW. I cant wait until the U.S. finally puts another star on are flag and then Puerto Rico finalley will have to admit there one of us.

Sports Edit

Puerto Ricans really like boxing. Even though there boxers are NOT that strong boxing is easy when your a lightweight or a featherweight which they all are.

In Popular culture Edit

On Seinfeld, in a 9th season episode "Puerto Rican Day" they got in trouble for burning the Puerto Rican day flag. PLOTHOLE. They dont even really have a flag because we made them part of the United States so there flag is the American flag. And libs burn that all the time. Double standards. I guess freedom of speech only matters if your a lib. Whats funny is they want to say people are racist for burning the Puerto Rican flag but its actually the reverse. People are racist for HAVING a flag just for there race.

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