Pinocchio is a fictional character who is...a puppet.

They even look the same

Story Edit

Pinocchio was carved by Geppetto. He wanted to Pinocchio to be a real boy, so a fairy came down and made it happen which is a handout. However he wasnt a real boy he was still a puppet. He always told lies and his nose got longer. Then one day he was kidnapped and put in a show. But he escaped. Then he made friends with some bad kids and they went to a place which was promised to be a paradise but it turned out to be the DNC. Pinocchio was able to escape but still became a donkey and then he got eaten by a whale. But then he escaped.

Frightening parallels to Obama Edit

Pinocchio is literally Obama. First of all, they are both puppets. Pinocchio is controlled by Geppetto and Obama is controlled by George Soros. Both of them are liars. You can literally see Obamas nose get longer every day as he continues to lie to everybody. There both jacka@@es. Although in Pinocchios case he cant help it because he was transformed into a democrat a@@ but Obama volunteerily became one. In addition, Obama has frightening parallels to the fairy. He promised everyone a unicorn and a pony, and she promised a real boy. Neither of them delivered.

In popular culture Edit

Roberto Benini played him in the smash hit "Pinocchio".

Quotes Edit

"There are no strings to hold me down, because I can do anything I want, with no strings attached. I can pass any bill I want and the media wont ever question me, there are no strings on me" - Barack Hussein Obama

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