Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a 2009 comedy starring Paul Blart that will make you cheer "Scuba-dooby-doo"
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Half man half machine, mall cop

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Die Hard for kids yippee-Ki-yay mothershopper

If Die Hard had made a version for kids, this would probably be the way it would have been done, except without the laughs. Paul Blart is a great funny family movie with plenty of fun to be had from all the family. The laughs for the kids, and the tongue in cheek gags to former action movies for the adults. The plot was in most parts fairly predictable but the laughs did do their best to help veer away from the obvious plot twist. Kevin James from King of Queens fame does a great job playing the bumbling no-body that ever one takes for granted but soon shows them that he is more clever and cunning than anyone gives him credit for. I'm sure that once in our life we ourselves have felt the same way so you can sympathise with the character and thats's where Kevin James and producer Adam Sandler hit the nail right on the head. They could have made this character into a know it all mall cop who always gets his man but they chose (and it was a wise move) to make him as bumbling and clumsy as Inspector Clouseau but with a hint of John Rambo and John McClane thrown into the mix. All in all Paul Blart: mall Cop is a fun filled laugh fest from beginning to end and yes it will even make you cheer by the end. "Scuba-dooby doo"[1]

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