Like Sampson, God has granted Robertson great power so long as he does NOT get a haircut which is against what are founding Father intended

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson (born March 22, 1930) is a televangelist and host of the 700 club (good show). He currently holds the world leg press record.

Early life Edit

Robertson was born in Lexington, Virginia. He thought Marion was too gay of a first name so he decided to go by Pat. Good plan. He later got married (he is STRAIGHT) and had 4 children.

Finding his calling Edit

In 1956 Robertson met a Dutch missionary who taught him about the joy of loving Jesus. This led to him deciding to spread the original teachings of Jesus such as hating all non believers. In 1961 he was ordained as a minister. He established the Christian Broadcasting Network because Christianity is relatively unknown and we need to teach people about it.

Running for president Edit

Robertson said he would run for the Republican nomination if 3,000,000 people signed up for his campane. They did so he did. Although he had a lot of good ideas such as banning pornography, abolishing the Departments of Education and Energy and making a balanced budget commandment to the Constution like the founding fathers intended, the liberal MSM media railroaded him and he ended up having to drop out.

After politics Edit

Life after politics included creating the Christian Coalition and continuing to spread the word of God. Robertson still today fights valiantly against liberals, professors, Hindus, Muslims, atheists, gays, women, and other undesirables. He also continues to be one of the worlds greatest profits. He predicted that the world would end in 1982, which could mean 2012. I mean think about it, what if instead of starting are callender when Jesus was born, we were supposed to start it once he died? He was like 30 so that would make it 1982 = 2012. Im just saying theirs a lot of good evidence.

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